Financing Freedom      
   This book has one purpose. To inspire! That’s it. That’s all. We’re hoping through reading about other people’s stories
of finacing extended travel something inside of you
says, “I can do that too”. Reading about real, every-
day people. Not people who have special jobs or
special circumstances. People who figured out
how to fund their travel and just went for it.
We’re not sure how or when that happened for
us, but we’re glad it did.
    We met so many people on long term
trips. 6 months. 9 months. 12 months. More.
Everywhere we looked we’d meet people
who figured out how to take off work for
extended excursions. We were intrigued.
There had to be something here that
other people can use. So many people
back home told us “ I wish I could
do that, but I don’t have the money”
or “I can’t afford to do that”...

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